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About Us

Shakti Foundation is a non-government organization committed to the economic and social empowerment of disadvantaged women across Bangladesh. It believes in realizing the potential of women to become strong, independent members of their communities. Shakti began its mission with urban microfinance programs and strategically expanded its service network to reach remote rural areas. Over the years, it has widened its range of development services to include basic health care and education, agro-business growth, solar power, skills training and advocacy. Shakti was founded in April 1992 and now serves almost 500,000 households within 54 districts of Bangladesh.
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Key Objectives of Shakti Foundation

  • The empowerment of disadvantaged women by facilitating socio-economic independence
  • The social advancement of women through their leadership and capability development
  • The development of women as entrepreneurs, decision makers, leaders and change agents in their families and communities
  • Integration of women in the decision making process of Shakti Foundation

Our Vision

We believe women are entrepreneurs, change makers and leaders.

Our Mission

Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women is dedicated to the empowerment of poor women by creating strong economic and social resource bases.

What We Do

Shakti Foundation is committed to the empowerment of disadvantaged women through targeted economic and social inclusion. With an integrative approach to women’s socio-economic development, Shakti’s programs are specifically designed to complement each other. The microfinance and agricultural programs provide women with opportunities for income generating activities and enterprise development, and the social programs focus on women’s health, women’s rights, financial literacy and control over their businesses. Supplementary initiatives, including skills development and digital banking, are also in place to achieve Shakti’s social objectives.


Small loans for poor women

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Shakti loan program for small & medium enterprises

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Health services for members and communities

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Shakti Pharma

A Women frendly model pharmacy project of Shakti.

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Shakti At A Glance

Dedicated to the upliftment of disadvantaged women since 1992






Districts Covered



Our Stories

A Woman’s Health Is Her Capital

Jahanara was bed-ridden with fever, in excruciating pain. After seeing a gynaecologist, Jahanara was diagnosed with a severe uterine infection and was advised to undergo immediate surgery to avoid the risk of cancer.

Women Farmers Changing The Agricultural Landscape

Ismat Jahan joined a neighboring center and took out her first loan of Tk. 10,000 in 2014. By 2018 Ismat Jahan had successfully repaid her first three loans and took out a fourth loan of Tk. 150,000 to raise milk cows.

From Idea To Enterprise

Story of Asma Begum

Our Youth, Our Future

Story of Hafsa Akter

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