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Microfinance Program

As Shakti’s largest and most impactful unit, the Microfinance Program (MFP) is dedicated to providing financial services to Bangladesh’s unbanked population, with a special focus on women from low-income households. Our clients or members are recognized as legal beneficiaries of our organization.

  • ৳2,641 Cr. Loan Outstanding
  • 98% Female borrowers
  • ৳928 Cr. Savings Portfolio

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Please note this video was produced in 2012 and is meant to be illustrative of the Foundation's grant making process.

Our Loan

  • In partnership with Delivery Tiger, Shakti Foundation is providing cashless SME Loans to online entrepreneurs. The entire process is digitalized from loan origination to disbursement and repayment, enabling swift and efficient access to finance.

  • In alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Shakti has introduced the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Loan this year. The purpose of this loan is to facilitate clean drinking water and installation of sanitation system. Shakti, from its own funds, as well as PKSF, are financing these loans nationwide.

  • For the marginalized factions of our society, securing credit from traditional sources is almost impossible. To address this gap, Shakti offers a special loan scheme starting from BDT 30,000, exclusively, for women who cannot take loans from banks or any financial institution for their business ventures.

  • The Micro-Enterprise loan scheme was introduced after many previous borrowers showed promise as entrepreneurs. To be eligible for this loan, the member has to be at least a second-cycle borrower, have a good standing in society, as well as have a good repayment history. The procedure is similar to that of the microloan scheme, except the repayments can be made on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • This is a bridge finance loan applicable for regular salary earners. To ensure ease and flexibility, the individualized loan structure is tailored to the client’s monthly salary amount.

  • For members of households with migrant workers, Shakti is offering this loan to fulfill cash emergencies and other daily needs while they wait to receive remittance sent from abroad.

  • The PKSF funded Livelihood Restoration Loan (LRL) and Microenterprise Development Loan (MDL) are aimed to revive the economic activities of entrepreneurs and microenterprises who were severely impacted by the pandemic. The service charge has been kept at an all-time low of 4% for smaller loan amounts to provide rapid assistance to COVID 19 affected parties.

The SME Loan is aimed towards providing institutional credit facilities to small and medium businesses who neither fall under the purview of the microfinance target group nor are in a position to approach commercial banks or other institutions. As the loan instruments provided are used for various purposes in a wide range of industries, they have the added benefit of increasing employment and triggering innovation within the economy. Shakti recognizes the comparatively larger financing needs of such enterprises as well as their progressive impact on industry and society. Thus, the SME Loan has been specially designed with the following features:

  • Shakti SME loan is disbursed swiftly upon evaluation of a few key documents.
  • Loan amount starts from BDT 300,000 to BDT 2,000,000
  • Loan instruments are divided according to sector needs

Agriculture Loan

This loan scheme is specifically designed to enable poor farmers to invest in better equipment and increase production of their commodities (crops, dairy, fisheries and livestock). Loan structures and repayment schedules are tailored to fit the inherent seasonality of agricultural income streams.

Manufacturing loan

To meet the working capital needs related to running a manufacturing business, we offer Manufacturing Loans so our clients can accelerate their growth without impacting cashflow. Environment-friendly businesses are given priority when providing funding

Trade Loan

Shakti Foundation provides trade financing for different purposes such as vegetable trading, rice trading, cloth trading etc. This loan funds trade transactions throughout an enterprise's trading cycle, improving its cashflow.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) embedded in the Program

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