About Us

Shakti Foundation was established by Humaira Islam, Ph.D., and a group of social innovators committed to the socio-economic empowerment of disadvantaged women through their social and financial inclusion. Founded in 1992 as a non-governmental organization, our mission is to eradicate poverty and stabilize social security for underprivileged women across the country.

Shakti initially established a pilot microfinance program to provide small loans for income generation to women living in Dhaka slums. The program’s success led to similar microfinance programs in other slums of other cities, the program subsequently expanded to the rural areas. And from there on our ambitions only grew. Shakti Foundation strongly believes in women’s potential to become decision-makers, leaders, and agents of change in their communities. It continues to strive for our women’s socio-economic upliftment through poverty reduction and targeting gender equality. Shakti covers both rural and urban areas through its programs its multiple programs with branches all across Bangladesh in 54 districts providing services to over 468,394 members.

Shakti Foundation is registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau Bangladesh under The Foreign Donations Regulations rules 1978 and the Register of Joint Stock Company Ltd. under the Society Act 1860. Shakti Foundation has also received certifications through the Microcredit Regulatory Authority Act in 2007 to run its microcredit programs.

Our Values

The empowerment of disadvantaged women by facilitating socioeconomic independence

The social advancement of women through their leadership and capability development

The development of women as entrepreneurs, decision-makers, leaders, and change agents in their families and communities

Integration of women in the decision-making process of the Shakti Foundation



Districts Covered