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News & Stories | Campaigns | 13 Aug, 2023

Shakti Mobilizes Relief and Essential Medicine as Rains Continue to Pour

Due to incessant rainfall and landslides, the districts of Cox’s Bazar and Chattogram have become grossly inundated, with access to food and clean drinking water indefinitely restricted. This has wreaked havoc on the lives of the thousands of people based there. In this dire situation, Shakti Foundation is extending its hand to those in need. From August 12, 2023 onwards, relief distribution activities have commenced in Chattogram (Bajalia, Keranihat, Dohazari and Chandanaish), Cox’s Bazar (Chakaria, Pekua and Ramu) and Bandarban (Sadar Bandarbon and Lama). 5,500 relief packages have been distributed thus far. Each package contains lifesaving ORSaline, water purification tablets, and staple foods such as rice, lentil, potato and dry food.

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