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News & Stories | Stories | 11 Sep, 2021

Nation-Wide Mask Distribution Day

On September 11th, 2021 Shakti Foundation arranged a country-wide mask distribution day in all 445 branches. Thousands of Shakti employees distributed 5,00,00 masks across every corner of the country. As the wave of Covid-19 pandemic surge continues to subside in our country, wearing face masks is an indispensable way to help limit the spread of the disease and stop the transmission of the virus. Meanwhile, as the country is opening schools and institutions, it is vital to wear masks to save lives in the midst of an ongoing public health crisis. Shakti believes that by wearing masks we can keep our communities safe as well as keep our economy moving. We provided masks in an effort aimed at encouraging to protect each other and save lives as the COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available.