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News & Stories | Stories | 09 Aug, 2021

Livelihood support - Shakti distributed essential supplies to its members in COVID-19

In May and June 2020, Shakti observed the downward trend in the economic condition being hit by the pandemic and to support the livelihood, Shakti distributed essential supplies to its members. Across all the areas it identified over 13,586 members who faced dire economic condition due to the pandemic and were supported with package (rice, lentil, oil, potato, salt, masks, soaps, etc.) from its own fund.

However, due to the prolonged stay of the disease and hit by the deadly strain since March 2021, many members of Shakti faced financial distress and was lacking basic necessities to support the livelihood. Shakti also stepped into this crisis moment and generated funds from the private sector. According to an order made by the Bangladesh Bank, private commercial banks were urged to support COVID-19 hit population from the CSR fund and as such Shakti took the opportunity to raise fund of BDT 2,500,000 from Pubali Bank Limited to support 2100 members across 6 districts (3 City corporation area and 3 other districts) with food and basic necessary items (rice, lentil, potato, salt, onion, oil etc.) to support their livelihood.