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News & Stories | Stories | 10 Aug, 2022

Emergency Doorstep health support through Mobile Ambulance in rural Bangladesh

Shakti has been working to ensure access to healthcare services for all. To ensure access to proper health care in remote communities and people Shakti Health Program in partnership with MetLife Foundation has set up Emergency Response Easy Bikes in remote locations to make healthcare services accessible as well as serve pregnant mothers with adequate health care services. This initiative can become an exemplary case in promoting health services to beneficiaries and communities and contribute to SDG goal 3. Reaching a wider catchment area will ensure universal health coverage making healthcare services more accessible and affordable. The mobile ambulance facilitates people on COVID-19 testing, admissions to the hospital, transporting patients for COVID-19 tests, or transferring COVID-19-positive patients to the nearby Upazilla Health Complex or dedicated COVID-19 center. The vehicle also serves as a mini pharmacy for the supply and sale of medicines to the communities. It will also help in reducing child and maternal mortality through pregnancy-related care including identification of danger signs, timely referral, and institutional deliveries for the patients. Finally, the promotion of usage of family planning will also contribute to a reduced pregnancy rate and lower maternal mortality among the population.