This program has been designed to provide medical services, health-related loans, and grants to our members.

Shakti Foundation introduced health care services for its beneficiaries in 1997 alongside micro-finance in order to achieve holistic development of the communities it works for. Realizing the need for a healthy and sound living conditions to achieve progression, Shakti Foundation from the very beginning integrated health support for its beneficiaries. The program encompasses promotive, preventive, and basic curative care services through MATS/Paramedics and Doctors both on-site and online among the beneficiaries. The main objective of the services is to ensure better health status and improved nourishment of the beneficiaries. 

Shakti Medical Care Center (SMCC)

The Health Program was previously operated through Health Centers equipped with Health Workers. After an internal survey was conducted on the actual health needs of the beneficiaries, a new plan of action was strategized. Beginning of 2020, the restructuring plan was initiated to transform the health centers into an area-based concept. However, the project was delayed due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, in October 2021 the health program initiated the new program with 37 centers and gradually established 83 centers across all its areas. The SMCC is set in one of the micro-finance branches in each catchment area of Shakti Foundation covering 4 to 5 branches with around 12,000 clients. To date, the SMCC has provided medical consultations to 30,000 clients.

Each SMCC is equipped with a qualified Medical Assistant (MATS) with 3 years of academic course and 1 year of internship authorized by Bangladesh Medical and Doctors Counsel (BMDC) to provide basic medical services. The MATS provides services both at the center and other branches and often visits households to follow up on the patients and beneficiaries for intensive care. Shakti Health Program provides them with essential training to enhance their skills and better service delivery at the community level.

In order to strengthen the delivery of the services the Health Program introduced three different units within the program. 

Medical Services Unit

The medical services unit is headed by the Medicine consultant alongside two specialist doctors responsible for managing the unit and reporting to the Senior advisor. The unit is responsible for the quality development and new service initiation of the medical services of the Shakti Health Program. 

Operations Unit

The operation unit is led by the Head of Operations having the SMCC wing and Shakti Pharma wing under her direct supervision. The respective team is responsible for managing the operations and effective intervention in program management. The team consists of the Director of Health Programs assisted by Zonal Coordinators and MATS/Paramedics as direct front-line service providers at the SMCC and household levels.

Monitoring & Compliance Unit

This is an independent unit monitoring the entire program and is reportable directly to the Senior Advisor. The unit is responsible for the independent evaluation of the operations and services of the program and for acquiring key information for the improvement and development of the overall program. 

The SMCC through the MATS provides medical consultation (MATS Consultation, Doctor consultation, Phone consultation with Specialist doctors); Basic Lab Services (Blood sugar check-ups (Random/Fasting blood sugar), Blood grouping, Hepatitis-B Screening, Hepatitis-B Vaccination, Pregnancy test, Urine for sugar/albumin), Medicine Sales and Non-pharma product sale.