Shakti was selected to start a partnership with ENRICH, the Union Development Program created by PKSF, in February 2018. ENRICH is an integrative program that aims to reduce poverty through a multidimensional approach targeting health, education, skill training, youth and community development, in addition to, income generating activities. The program assigns one partner organization in a union to effectively implement a range of activities to ensure total development of the area. Shakti is serving as the Partner Organization in the Majidpur union of Titas upazila in the district of Comilla since 25th April 2018. This program aims to work for all the people of a society. It promotes the idea of community-based development.

The following services are provided under this program-


Shakti’s ENRICH education service mainly targets the primary school students of the country. Shakti’s activities under this program consist of investigating why some of these pupils drop out of formal education and providing tuitions to students of class I and II. These classes are conducted in the afternoon at the education centers and lessons taught go beyond the primary level syllabus. The students are taught morality as well as about Bangladesh’s culture, traditions and important national events. This education is provided to raise the new generation with a more holistic viewpoint of the world so that they are not limited to bookish knowledge only but are provided practical guidance regarding the world they are growing up in. Currently under this program, over 775 students are taught at the 31 education centers in Majidpur Union.


Shakti ENRICH program is providing quality health services to its members. Shakti provides different medical facilities through the doctors of its health camps. These healthcare professionals specializing in ENT, orthopedics and ophthalmology provide necessary treatment to Sakti members. The eye camp initiative has especially borne promising results as many poor people are being able to do their eye treatment with proper care. This program has successfully helped 79 poor people for their cataract surgery so far (data from 2018-2021). Currently, there are 2 health units in Majidpur union.

Youth Development

Under this activity, the youth of our country are trained with necessary skills related to different trades as well as provided moral and social guidance. Not only education, the future workforce of our nation is also provided proper motivation so that they can follow the right course in life. Shakti’s ENRICH program also involves the youth in different kinds community service so that they can be inculcated to actively work towards building their neighborhood into an ideal community. Currently, there are 9 youth development committees in this ward.

This program also helps senior citizens of that area through both financial and non-financial help. Shakti provides walking sticks or wheel chairs or a direct financial allowance to the elderly depending on their needed. There is a total of 10 Senior Committees in this area.


Shakti’s ENRICH program wants to build each house as an enriched home for Majidpur union. The idea is to utilize the homestead land to the best extent possible through proper planning so that some form of economic activity can be carried out there. This economic activity can be anything ranging from keeping livestock, poultry and pigeon rearing to cultivation of vegetables, and medical plants in the homestead. Simultaneously, the motto is to ensure that every enriched home should have a sanitary latrine and a tube well to ensure proper hygiene, prevent the spread of diseases and better the life of the community. Shakti is working in this area with 52 households.