Souro Alo Program

Shakti Souro Alo

Shakti Foundation launched a renewable energy program targeting off-grid districts in remote areas of Bangladesh. It provides households with the option of solar energy power, while teaching proper equipment use and maintenance. Shakti offers a very convenient payment scheme for the customers, which adjusts with their financial capacities. There are currently 6 Shakti Souro Alo centers servicing 58,939 homes across Bangladesh. The program was established in collaboration with IDCOL.

Shakti Foundation was nominated as IDCOL Partner Organization in 2016 for the installation of renewable energy systems under the TR/KABITA program. Shakti is implementing projects in 5 upazilas, providing streetlights, solar AC systems, solar DC systems and solar home systems covering areas such as schools, markets, homes, mosques, and government buildings.