Covid-19 Response

Shakti Foundation has been implementing a number of Corona related initiatives including awareness campaigns, mask distribution, health services hotline, medical services and financial support for Covid-19 affected people since the pandemic started.

DNCC Mass Masking Campaign
- 2021-08-09

As an implementation partner, Shakti Foundation participated in a commendable and timely initiative by Dhaka North City Corporation titled “DNCC Mass Masking Campaign” on May 2021 to increase and ensure…

Hotline Doctor Service
- 2021-08-09

Along with other Covid-19 initiatives to combat the crisis, Shakti initiated a hotline with its pool of inhouse doctors to provide consultation and necessary information on COVID-19 as well as…

Supporting the Hospitals
- 2021-08-09

Through the Health program, Shakti Foundation has stood by the mass in addition to various government initiatives to prevent covid-19. At hospitals designated for corona treatment in different districts, Shakti…

Livelihood support
- 2021-08-09

In May and June 2020, Shakti observed the downward trend in the economic condition being hit by the pandemic and to support the livelihood, Shakti distributed essential supplies to its…